"Our mission is to help you build a creative, efficient and cost-effective website that is highly functional and meets your operational objectives."
InfoXtreme was incorporated in 2004 to develop web projects encompassing design and development, e-Commerce implementation, and content management.

Composed of individuals with experience in total design and development, our creative team members have undertaken projects requiring active content management and web applications. Some of these include registration systems, business reporting, forms routing and Internet distance-learning. Our experience also includes back-end technologies and integration that enable web content to be managed in a dynamic environment.

By leveraging infoXtreme’s strengths and technology depth, we can provide creative solutions for your Internet business.

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Partners and Affililates
As part of InfoXtreme's mission to help our clients grow their Internet business, the company will enter into strategic partnerships with reputable businesses that provide value-added services:

FoundPages Internet Marketing - provides search engine optimization and search engine marketing services to organizations to maximize their return on investment for their web presence, by driving targeted traffic to their web pages, and helping to convert that traffic into revenue and prospects.

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